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The Martian Almanac

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About The Author

Thomas Gangale, the author of The Martian Almanac, holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, a master’s in international relations, and a doctorate in space, cyber, and telecommunications law. In addition, he managed the technical and contractual aspects of the Hexagon and Gambit photoreconnaissance satellite systems and the payloads for the STS-4 and STS-39 Space Shuttle missions while serving as a US Air Force officer.

Thomas and Marilyn Dudley connected while working on a project for the Mars Society. They were a Martian pair. Thomas carried on with her work after she passed, and as he did so, Thomas had the impression that she was constantly with him…

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Martian Almanac Series

The Martian Almanac presents a 669-sol almanac of the coming Martian year, drawing from writings of the 19th and early 20th centuries, when it was widely believed that the planet Mars harbored an advanced civilization, and “first contact” was thought to be only a few years in the future. It features observations by Percival Lowell and other early observers of Mars as well as newspaper reportage, including accounts of Tesla’s and Marconi’s attempts to communicate with Martians by radio and spiritualists’ claims of astral travel to Mars. Serious reports and satirical editorials from this all but forgotten past will thrill and amuse the reader, and make plain that the vision of an optimistic and exciting future of humans engaging with sentient extraterrestrials preceded Star Trek by a century… a future that was imagined to be just around the corner!
The book also celebrates the birthdays of early astronomers, science fiction authors, artists, film contributors, and musical performers, the release dates of science fiction publications, films, and television programs, and describes sol by sol the events of past exploration flybys, orbiters, landers, and rovers.
The Martian Almanac is richly illustrated with the drawings by early astronomers documenting what they thought they saw on Mars… but what were that actually looking at? Computer-generated graphics are presented alongside these ancient depictions to show the Martian surface features that were turned toward Earth at the time astronomers drew them.

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