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About The Author

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Thomas Gangale, the author of The Martian Almanac, holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, a master’s in international relations, and a doctorate in space, cyber, and telecommunications law. In addition, he managed the technical and contractual aspects of the Hexagon and Gambit photoreconnaissance satellite systems and the payloads for the STS-4 and STS-39 Space Shuttle missions while serving as a US Air Force officer.

Thomas and Marilyn Dudley connected while working on a project for the Mars Society. They were a Martian pair. Thomas carried on with her work after she passed, and as he did so, Thomas had the impression that she was constantly with him

Thomas Gangale has authored technical studies on human Mars mission concepts and interacting with Mars astronauts during solar conjunctions. Additionally, he has argued that extraterrestrial resource extraction for financial gain is permissible and challenged the von Karman line and the technical foundations for the Bogota Declaration in legal journal papers. He has written four books before.

Marilyn and Thomas had long discussed writing books together. They collaborated on numerous conference articles, but he was too preoccupied with obtaining his master’s and Ph.D. degrees to publish a book with her. He has finally finished the Mars book they had discussed writing together but never started. It is the first of, in the ideal world, a string of works that will be released long after Thomas has joined Marilyn.

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